• Geohot, Other Jailbreakers Turn Attention Toward Windows Phone 7

    On the heels of famed iOS and PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz (aka Geohot) announcing his intention to jailbreak the new Windows phones, more new and established jailbreakers are similarly coming forward with their plans to temporarily divert attention away from iDevices and, instead, launch a full-blown hack attack on the Windows Phone 7.

    As CNET reported Friday, "Microsoft may have put the kibosh on the first jailbreak for the Windows Phone 7 platform," but another one lies just ahead. Developer Julien Schapman, for example, has formally announced plans to release a Windows Phone 7 "Device Manager" that - according to his public comments - will enable the handset to perform certain functions and unleash various attributes not presently available - e.g., side-load applications, the ability to add custom ringtones, etc.

    Next month Microsoft's first software update is widely expected. At that time, Schapman says his jailbreak will be released. But many are already wondering if the second jailbreak will go the way of the first. Remember ChevronWP7? The jailbreak released last fall was eventually pulled at Microsoft's request. But unlike Apple and Sony - two companies that have sought legal means to stop jailbreakers - Microsoft has taken a more direct, personal, and some would even say polite approach with the jailbreak community. But one has to wonder how this relationship will evolve as more and more hackers set their sights on the Windows mobile platform.

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