• iPhone Dummy Releases Phony iPhone for $20

    The people behind iPhonedummy.net have taken the concept of modifying one's iPhone to the extreme.

    Today, the world got a glimpse of what looks to be your standard, run-of-the-mill iPhone. But don't be fooled. The phony iPhone is actually one of the latest non-functional iPhone dummies that sells for $20 each.

    According to an article posted on iPhonestalk today:

    As incredibly useless as that sounds, there are a lot of practical uses for this thing. Of course, many of the uses are evil/deceptive, but weíll ignore the obvious ones for the time being (filming videos of smashing them into bits, thinking you really are destroying a $200 iPhone, selling fake phones on EBay, etc).
    When I told a Microsoft-loving iPhone-hating friend of mine about the useless iPhone replica, he asked how I could tell it apart from the real one. Very funny. But we soon realized that the realistic looking iPhone is, indeed, pretty cool and arguably well crafted enough to possibly even fool Steve Jobs himself.

    But is $20 really worth it for a useless shell of an iPhone? After all, what can you actually do with this thing? If it makes you feel any better, the manufactures don't know either. They just know a lot of people actually want one. And they're sweetening the pot for those who spring for one and share their photos of their new fake iPhone in use.

    Oh, of course, you can use it for photographs, as decoration in your room, or impress your friends with it, but we all know it will end up trashed somewhere. So buy two. Or three. Oh, and donít forget to send us your iPhone-smashing/crashing/trashing/microwaving videoís or pictures to get 25% off on your next order!
    Perhaps for Halloween this weekend, I will dress up like a Blackberry and smash a bunch of these iPhone dummies on the doorsteps of Microsoft lovers and take the big candy payload that would likely result from such behavior.

    One can only imagine what the folks at Apple think of these iPhone dummies. I'm fairly certain that a team of lawyers from Apple (at least those that aren't already assigned to a different lawsuit) are planning their attack as we speak.

    Image via iphonestalk
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