• Patent Applications Reveal Apple's Product Plans

    If a host of new patent applications discovered are any indication, Apple is preparing to get even more creative than usual with future product offerings. According to Apple Insider, one such potential product is a headset with an integrated MP3 player.

    Apple's concept for a new MP3 player would combine a Bluetooth headset for use with a cell phone, but include a separate, standalone MP3 player. Such an idea, the company's patent application reads, would save battery life on the cell phone and have media played exclusively through the headset.
    Although the concept of a "trendy headset" seems to have died a long time ago, the concept put forward in the patent application is clever enough to possibly resurrect the shelf life of the headset. According to the careful wording used in the patent application, the headset could prove more convenient than any similar offering on the market by allowing it to serve as a media player while calls are not being made.

    "When used with mobile telephones, such headsets are frequently worn continually by their users, even when not engaged in telephone calls, because it is too inconvenient to have to reinsert the headset in one's ear each time a call comes in, while the phone is ringing and before the caller gives up and disconnects," the application reads. "Therefore, such headsets may be idle most of the time that they are being worn."
    Few would have ever expected Apple to have a product of this kind in the works, but the general reaction among Apple fans I know has been mixed. With responses ranging from "I would buy this" to "I'm not wasting money on this," its possible that there will be no middle ground covered if and when this product sees the light of day. In other words, consumers will either love it or hate it.

    Nonetheless, just knowing that Apple is tinkering with such technology is sufficient to illustrate that, if nothing more, a more advanced Bluetooth headset for the iPhone and iPod touch could result from this endeavor. Still, it seems like Apple wants to turn over the apple cart - no put intended - by adding more versatility to its product line. And if this headset ultimately manifests in the outlined permutation, Apple will certainly succeed in that endeavor.

    Recording also plays a part in the described device. The wireless headset would be able to record all or part of a conversation that takes place when the hardware is used with an external cell phone or landline. In addition, voicemail messages on the phone could be transferred to the headset for playback when not connected.
    Image via Apple Insider
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