• Voice on the Go: Safe Emailing/Texting/Facebooking In the Car

    I've been good with using my phone in the car for years. A few days ago I had a fender-bender, though, while trying to deal with a hot issue on email. It's a pretty embarrassing FAIL, but it's sadly not at all uncommon these days. I decided it was time to look into something using voice, and Voice on the Go might just be it.

    Voice on the Go is a service that'll convert your emails and texts to voice automagically, and read you to them over the phone. It will also allow you to respond, converting words you read into text and allowing you to generate emails and texts completely hands-free. You just dial into a local access number in the US and 29 other countries, give your passcode, and interact with the system through spoken prompts in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian or German.

    The Voice on the Go app, which is free on iTunes, lets you dial in with a tap (useful if you have a pre-3GS phone without voice dialing). It comes with a free 60-day trial of the service, and you can use it to sync your contacts and email with the service. If you like it, you pay $5.99 for Voice on the Go after the demo expires.

    Haven't had much time to get on-the-road experience, but the voice recognition is pretty accurate and it's simple to use. It also allows you to add items to your calendar by voice... and even update your Facebook and Twitter status if that's how you roll - which I'll go ahead and admit I was stupid enough to do from the car on a couple occasions.

    What I'd like to do is complete the solution by getting voice dialing working on my iPhone 3G, using either this method or macfan406's hack. Cluesticks gladly accepted.

    image via The Unofficial Apple Weblog
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