• Nintendo 64 Emulator for iPhone?

    Old-school gamers rejoice: Mario and Link may be on their way to jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches.

    ZodTDD, the developer who came up with GpSPhone (a Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch), is announcing that he is working on an N64 emulator for the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch. He stated that he's confident that these newest devices have the graphics power needed to run N64 games:
    Yup, you heard correct. I am currently working on a port of N64 for the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 3rd Gen. Why only these two models? Two reasons:
    Theyíre the fastest Apple handhelds in term of raw CPU performance.
    They both have a faster GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) which allows for OpenGL ES 2.0 specifications.
    So yes you may soon see N64 on your favorite Apple device. But I canít promise it will run games top notch just yet, as things are too early to say. Thereís hope though, with a 3D accelerated graphics plugin, as well as an ARM dynarec. If you have a previous generation device, I can use software rendering, but it will slow things down further, along with the slower CPU.
    Iím somewhat light on details at the moment due to wanting to balance the hype. Things look good for this project though. Only thing Iím concerned about is currently software based controls. I would like to keep my current software based controls with overlays in use, if possible
    The likelihood, though, is that these games wil be unplayable without an external controller. But hopefully we'll have one of those soon, too.
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