• Apple Store Launches "Reserve And Pick Up" Program

    Apple wants our business for the holidays. And it shows.

    Apple has unveiled "The Reserve And Pick Up" program for its retail stores that gives consumers the opportunity to go online and select their Apple product(s), make a reservation, and then sometime between December 15 and 24, come into their local Apple store to pick up the goods just in time for the holidays.

    According to MacWorld:

    Currently, the line-up of offerings includes iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, Mac Minis, iMacs, and Mac Pros. To make a reservation, you sign in with your Apple ID and select a store location. Payment is due only at the time of pick-up.
    Although the reserve and pick-up concept is nothing new, this holiday season represents the first time Apple has adopted the method. Apple, naturally, is couching the language of this announcement in terms of adding value to the consumer shopping experience, the truth is that Apple has been experiencing product shortages and while they want to keep an adequate inventory, they also don't want to overproduce this holiday season.

    In other words,it seems the "Reserve And Pick Up" program will help Apple reconcile supply with demand.

    Shoppers who make their reservations online can avoid the disappointment of finding something out-of-stock at the retail store. And in theory, the purchasing and pick-up process should be more efficient than waiting in long holiday lines. In many cases, items can be wrapped in the “signature gift box,” too.
    Despite a slowing economy, Apple is prepped and ready for a blockbuster holiday shopping season. The announcement is also being taken this weekend by Apple conspiracy theorists to mean that the company may reveal another new offering in a matter of days and will need the "Reserve And Pick Up" program as a way to mitigate the pandemonium that would likely result.

    Image via Apple Insider
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