• LogMeIn Ignition App, Now on Sale


    The LogMeIn Ignition app takes the popular remote access program's convenience and ease of use, and makes it available on your iPhone. It's ideal for IT support people, but useful for anyone who needs to get control of their home computer while on the road. And for the rest of the weekend, LogMeIn Ignition will be available on the App Store at a 30% discount.

    My doctor saw my iPhone and told me about this app. Apparently the owner of the company is another one of his patients. I've used the web-based version of the software to control computers behind my old company's firewall, because they didn't offer me VPN access. So, security FAIL, but productivity WIN.

    There's nothing especially complex about the way the software works. It uses TLS over TCP to allow you to access the target computer, even behind a NAT gateway. You use the web portal or the LogMeIn Ignition standalone app to take over your computer's keyboard and mouse and view the screen remotely. There is also a Pro version which lets you transfer files between computers, print documents from a remote computer to a local printer, share files with others, and more for $69.95 a year.

    The LogMeIn Ignition app gives you what you would have with the desktop version, with some nice multi-touch features. You pinch to zoom, single-finger tap to click, two-finger tap to right click, double tap to double click, two-finger swipe to scroll like a mouse wheel. You can even drag and drop by double tapping an object and sliding.

    Probably because of the sale price of $19.95, LogMeIn Ignition is currently at second place on the Top Grossing Apps list in the App Store.
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