• App Store Lets Hitler Slip Past Radar

    Over the weekend, an unexpected arrival to Apple's App Store took place.

    For reasons that pass anyone's understanding, Apple approved a Spanish-language eBook version of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. If that isn't bad enough, the application icon was a swastika.

    Within 24-hours, however, the $1.99 application was pulled from the App Store altogether. Gee, I wonder if anyone complained?

    The JP, which reported the story today, covered how EdibleApple, 9to5Mac, TechCrunch and TheNextWeb all took notice of the controversial app as soon as it hit the store.

    Bloggers were shocked that Mein Kampf made it through Apple's selection process and many reacted angrily.
    EdibleApple, a site dedicated to Apple news, rumors and analysis, wrote, "It's naturally filled with a plethora of racist content and it's pretty mind boggling that Apple's app store censors let this one slide through."
    From shocking to mind-boggling, the content was rated 9+. So according to the App Store approval process, the content was determined to be appropriate for readers over the age of nine.

    Indeed, someone dropped the ball.

    Although Apple has been criticized in the past for being "hypocritical" in terms of the apps it approves and those it rejects, at the end of the day, Apple is running a business and its understandable why the company would pick favorites - or at least those that further the goals and objectives of Apple. Approving the Hitler app, however, is beyond anyone's capacity for understanding, which is likely why its approval can only logically be attributed to an overlooked error.

    Despite the overwhelming number of applicants, Apple should not have these slips, TechCrunch argues. "This version of Mein Kampf is in Spanish, so maybe that's what allowed it to slip by the App Store guardians. But that's no excuse. If the Nazi logo didn't raise a red flag, I'm not sure what will."
    Image via TechMarketing
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