• High Hopes Pinned on Samsung's Bada

    Samsung has introduced Bada as its own new smartphone platform, hoping to successfully face off against the iPhone and Android in the increasingly competitive smartphone market.

    The reported specs on Samsung's Bada are impressive to some. Believed to be built on top of Linux, Apple Insider is reporting that Bada could be formally released in early December with an open SDK.

    Unlike Symbian or Android, Samsung appears to be developing its new mobile platform and software market solely for the benefit of its own phones, much like RIM, Apple, and Palm.
    Although Samsung's Bada is being billed by some as the new iPhone killer, its important to remember previous examples in recent history that suggested the latest "iPhone killer" was right around the bend. That hasn't exactly happened yet, even though some think Samsung will have a winner with their new offering.

    Leading into the holiday season, its apparent that Samsung, which has de-emphasized licensed operating systems, will have a laser-like focus directed toward its new platform - something the company believes will offer "differentiation in options" available to consumers in the market for a smartphone.

    Apple's staunchest fans are already chomping at the bit to pounce, but most (like myself) are waiting for more information to become available in December on the Bada website.

    HMC investment securities analyst Greg Noh outlined Samsung's expected smartphone mix showing Symbian completely phased out by 2011, and Samsung's own Bada making up half of its portfolio by 2012, with the remainder being about 30% Android and 20% Windows Mobile.
    Image via telegraph.co.uk
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