• TomTom Offers Major Text-to-Speech Update for iPhone App

    TomTom is taking on Text-to-Speech with their popular iPhone application. And despite wide gaps between those who like and dislike the app, that chasm will likely be bridged (just a wee bit) by the new update that adds a staple of full-blown GPS technology to their app.

    As you would imagine, the free update, which been submitted to Apple and is currently awaiting approval, enables your app to announce everything from street names to points of interest, two developments that instantly - by mere virtue of their inclusion - make the TomTom app incredibly more attractive.

    According to coverage from the New York Times:

    The $100 app has received its share of bad comments and has the worst rating compared to two of its competitors, the $35 CoPilot Live and the $90 MobileNavigator. The current TomTom version averages just 2.5 stars, and has more one-star than five-star reviews. Both CoPilot and MobileNavigator have been offering text-to-speech for several weeks.
    Interestingly enough, the app update doesn't exclusively contend with text-to-speech. TomTom is also now allowing for in-app iPod player control, a development that will probably prevent many traffic accidents and lost lives in the coming years.

    Further adding to the lure of the app and its update is the inclusion of a "safety camera database update." Sort of like the "Spark Notes" of driving, the update lets you remember the important points of your travels. By "important points" I mean wherever safety cameras are mounted to capture you speeding or driving recklessly. By avoiding such behavior in the presence of cameras, TomTom is thinking that such "good behavior" will eventually be practiced at all times by drivers not just when the tape is rolling.

    Other features that TomTom will add with this version include advanced lane guidance in both landscape and portrait mode, direct access to emergency numbers, a database update to its map and safety camera database update
    Image via TomTom
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