• Apple to Hire Gaming Engineer

    If anyone is concerned that Apple hasn't properly taken a hint that iPhone and iPod users want their beloved devices to develop the potential for advanced gaming that they possess, have no fear. Apple has apparently received the message. And now the folks in Cupertino are acting on it by posting a job opening for a gaming engineer.

    According to ChannelWeb:

    In the posting for a "game/media software engineer," Apple said it is looking for a skilled software engineer looking to work with a small team on "interactive multimedia experiences on the iPhone and iPod Touch." The potential employee has to
    be flexible and creative.
    The timing couldn't be better for Apple to augment its team by hiring an experienced multimedia engineer for the iPhone and iPod touch, one who is a passionate gamer and has shipped at least one “AAA” game since the iPhone was introduced.

    It shouldn't be too terribly difficult to find an applicant who fits the above description. If anything, the hard part - getting Apple to take gaming more seriously - was the hard part. Undeniably, the revenue streams from what's already available - and becoming available - has likely proven sufficient to convince Apple of the financial and branding benefits that come with being considered among the portable gaming giants of the industry.

    This weekend, a lot of people (myself included) are considering what a first-party Apple gaming franchise could mean for both mobile gaming and mobile gamers. Then again, it's important not to get too far ahead of ourselves here since Apple, to date, has only developed four apps in-house, one of which is a game.

    Apple is looking to hire a game developer for its iPhone and iTouch team, but such a move carries the possibility of alienating some of its huge ecosystem of independent game developers.
    Indeed, it would be a shame to anger developers, since Apple has no history of ever rubbing a developer the wrong way (insert sarcasm here). For sure, it will take some creative energy and diplomatic skill to make everyone happy with whatever plan is in the works. But for the biggest category of people impacted by this potential development - Apple fans and mobile gamers - this weekend's news is a welcome gem of promising information.

    Image via The iPhone Blog
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