• App Store Cracks Under Pressure... Again

    Last week we covered the decision by Apple to reject a submitted iPhone app from Tom Richmond, an artist for MAD Magazine who crafted "Bobble Rep," a functional database of every elected member of Congress, their contact info, and, instead of a photo, a unique caricature of each Congressperson and Senator.

    Unlike most rejected apps that largely go unnoticed, the rejection of "Bobble Rep" was noticed. Widely noticed, in fact. And likely as a result of all the negative attention, Apple decided this weekend to overturn its decision to ban "Bobble Rep" from the App Store.

    The app is now available for download on iTunes for $0.99. From PC World today:

    The tale of Bobble Rep-app is submitted, app is rejected, controversy ensues, app is accepted-is a remarkably common one on the App Store. Yes, I know that the fast majority of programs submitted are quietly accepted without incident. But of the ones that are initially nixed, a high percentage seem to make it into the store eventually.
    "I'm glad Apple came to their senses," Richmond reacted, who earlier had blasted Apple on his blog. Richmond expressed gratitude that Apple finally "realized that this app is not only not derogatory or insulting to our congressional representatives and senators, it's a beneficial program and a little fun as well."

    From CNN to FOX news, "Bobble Rep" is getting a lot of attention this weekend. Not bad for the developer and Apple, as both will now likely be able to ring the register on the controversy that resulted from a now-overturned decision to ban the app last week.

    The only question now is that since the App Store continues to prove time and again that it cracks under public pressure, will Apple face a considerably larger backlash from developers in the future who, once their apps are rejected, will similarly cry foul to the media in hopes of stirring up a national controversy too?

    Image via CNN Money
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