• Computer Screening to Blame for Inconsistent App Rejections?

    This could explain a lot.

    It seems the folks at Apple may be using a special computer screening technology to filter App Store submissions.

    Macnn.com covered the report by Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber, who suggests that Apple may have expanded its iPhone app review process to include computerized filtering.

    The new "static analysis tools" are designed to catch developers trying to use Apple's private APIs, which the iPhone SDK terms explicitly prohibits.
    Some, of course, are taking this report to explain why so many apps may have been rejected in recent months for somewhat nonsensical reasons. The inference, needless to say, is that Apple may use this alleged computer filtering process to a much greater degree than anyone realizes.

    But before we all get the idea that Apple has abolished any human involvement in the app screening process, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. If such a "filter" really does exist, such technology is probably utilized purely for security concerns at Apple.

    Apple is believed to restrict use of private APIs because of security concerns or compatibility issues if the features have yet to be finalized. The company has been known to leave the rule unenforced, however, as many apps have been approved even with private APIs.
    Should any of us really be surprised that Apple may be using a computerized filtering process? With more than one-hundred thousand applications already in the App Store and no telling how many more submissions are planned for 2010, at some point Apple has to invoke as many automated filters as possible both for our sake and the good of developers who are already complaining that the screening process takes far too long to complete.
    The automated filtering process is expected to help the company quickly spot violators of the SDK. It remains unclear if the rules will be strictly enforced, or if a certain amount of flexibility will remain.
    image via gamezville.net
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