• ThemeIt: A New Theme Store App Brings Competition to Cydia

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNZph_jmf0o]YouTube - Theme it, the theme store - Teaser 1a (with sound) : the iPhone app[/ame]

    It's easy to see that one of the most successful items sold in the Cydia store hands down is Winterboard Themes. With hundreds of designers and millions of users theming their iPhone, iPod and iPad, it creates quite a community of people. Since Cydia aquired Rock, every theme you purchase generally comes through Cydia, unless you perhaps donated to a designer.

    With less than only a day left before it's launch, there are some variables that could shake up the "competition", indirectly bringing some headaches to our iPhone god, Saurik, the man behind Cydia. In fact, Saurik has already been in touch with the folks behind ThemeIt, and has politely asked that they hold back on releasing such a product, but ThemeIt is keeping it's plans to release. However, over the course of all of this, it sounds like ThemeIt has lost their original repository partner, and that word has been travelling from within the community encouraging themers to stay away from the project. No Comment.

    An artcile over at ReadWriteWeb, goes into detail on the response given from ThemeIt, speaking out about their view on competition and in the end, only seem to make things more heated, not really helping the situation.

    Well community? What do you think? Is there room for another App Store? As much as I want to see the theme community push for upgrades and new ways to be a part of it all with ease and intuitive browsing, I can only see a headache forming for both Saurik, and ThemeIt from this process. In my opinion, things need to be closely discussed between ThemeIt and Saurik to come to a reasonable solution. We'll keep up with this release tomorrow and let you know what happens. I'll try and get Saurik to give us his thoughts as well so it's not all hear-say... yeah thats right I gave my opinion anyways.

    From ThemeIt:
    A carefully designed platform (application and website) allowing focus on high-quality themes and also the artists behind the themes in a way that wasn't possible before… it's the Theme Store you've been dreaming of using.

    With some of the best theme creators already on-board we can guarantee you'll have access to amazing and exclusive content in an environment that's sure to meet everyone's needs. Focusing on high-quality, complete themes, the goal of Theme it isn't to have a million themes in the gallery… but the best ones available.

    The platform includes a very user-friendly website and an iPhone/iTouch application to showcase and distribute the themes with instant access to the information you really want, such as screenshots, details, compatibility and much more. You'll also have the opportunity to learn a little more about the artists that create the themes you love and use. A section will be dedicated to these wonderful designers.
    Sources: ReadWriteWeb, ThemeIt
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