• "First iPhone Reality Show" to Give Away 3GSes

    In what's touted as the "first iPhone reality show," the development company Command Guru will invite a team of ten international developers to create a new iPhone application in seven days: December 6th through 12th, 2009. The project will be filmed for a reality television show to be broadcast across Europe, and will be available via live stream on Command Guru's site, www.commandguru.com.

    The app planned by the Italian organizers is described as "a unique Sexy Social Network application." In an interesting twist to the "reality show" concept, the source code will also be available on a public SVN server so that viewers can suggest improvements. When complete, the app will be submitted for inclusion on the iTunes App Store, and be available for free when it finally clears Apple's review process.

    Alessio Zito Rossi, founder and CEO of Command Guru, said (or apparently shouted) in a press release about the event: "There are over 100,000 Apps and millions of users who do not have any idea of how they are developed! The stork doesn't deliver iPhone Apps! We will show the world how they are really born - live and streaming!"

    Aaron Hillegass, Cocoa training expert and CEO of Big Nerd Ranch, was chosen to lead a group of app developers from all over the world, including USA, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, China and New Zealand. On December 5th, their names will be disclosed on the Command Guru website. The developers will interact with users via the website and the Twitter feed @commandguru.

    To publicize the event, Command Guru is giving away three unlocked iPhone 3GSes, one per week, to people who follow the Twitter feed and retweet the event announcement on their own feeds. You can go to the event page to sign up.
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