• Trillian for iPhone Finally Released

    After a long wait in Apple-approval limbo, Trillian for iPhone is now available for purchase on the App Store. The makers of the slick multiservice IM client waited three months, with no word up or down from Apple, before the okay came through yesterday.

    While chat windows somewhat evoke the look and feel of Messages, the functionality far outstrips what comes in Apple's standard SMS client. The iPhone version, like the popular desktop program, allows for multiple IM connections to be managed and used in a single app. Unlike the desktop version, though, all connections are handled through Trillian's Astra network. Trillian for iPhone is always connected to the Astra server, which allows instant sync between different clients running on different platforms. If you change your avatar or display name on your iPhone, for example, the change is immediately propagated to your Windows client as well as your online Astra Profile. Adding a contact on the iPhone app, also adds a contact on the Mac program, conveniently allowing a consistent way to manage settings.

    Back in August, around the time of the notorious Google Voice non-rejection rejection, Cerulean submitted the Trillian for iPhone app to Apple. The developers noted that they hadn't gotten any rejection or objection from Apple in all that time.
    Despite sending a steady stream of emails to Apple requesting status updates, we continue to receive generic form letters in response -- frustrating, to say the least.
    Trillian's proprietary “Octopus” technology allows Trillian for iPhone sessions to be stored server-side, so that when you lose connection due to gaps in 3G or WiFi servce, messages and chats can be buffered on the network for delivery later on. You can even quit the app, and still find all your chat windows and messages when you log back in. Trillian for iPhone can be configured to automatically set your status to away when the application closes down.

    The app has a number of nice features that allow for smoother integration of multiple accounts. With tabbed chats, you can switch from one account to the other, while the Active Chats screen shows all your currently open chats at a glance. Trillian also supports push notifications, so you can be informed of new chats and messages via a pop-up dialog. Photos from the camera or Photo Library can be sent to contacts, and the app can receive images from the desktop client.

    The app is available for $4.99 on the App Store. The price is for existing Trillian Pro users as well as new customers, the company notes, because all of the new versions - iPhone, desktop, and Web ports - utilize the Astra service, which makes use of Cerulean servers and backhaul.

    image via Trillian
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