• LuxPro Rips Off iPod then Sues Apple

    Back in 2005 LuxPro ripped off the iPod Shuffle with their "Super Shuffle." The look and operation was almost identical to the iPod Shuffle along with the specs.

    Apple responded by getting an injunction in Taiwanese court preventing LuxPro from making, distributing, or selling any MP3 player. This was later over ruled in 2007 allowing LuxPro to produce MP3 players again.

    Now LuxPro has decided to sue Apple with claims that Apple holds a monopoly in the digital music player market and abuses power to keep competition from being successful.

    According to the lawsuit when Apple's injunction against LuxPro was approved in 2005 Apple " . . . sent warning letters to other companies doing business with Luxpro demanding that they cease doing business with Luxpro." "For example, Apple placed significant pressure on InterTAN, a subsidiary of U.S.-based consumer electronics giant Circuit City (NYSE: CC), to drop Luxpro's MP3 players from its retail shelves."

    The Lawsuit is for a rather small amount of $75,000. Does LuxPro have any chance of winning this? I don't know. What I do know is a simple equation. Rip-off an Apple product and Apple will destroy you.

    [via informationweek]
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