• 9 inches of... iPod Touch?

    The guys at Tech Crunch have "three independent sources close to Apple" who have confirmed a "7 or 9 inch screen" iPod Touch device coming this fall. Apparently their sources have even held a prototype.

    Rumors of a tablet-like device and Apple have been going around for a while. Could this be the device they were creating? As of now, its still rumor, but TechCrunch trusts their sources, and its multiple ones.

    An interesting question is whether this would run a fuller version of OS X, or the same stripped down version the iPhone and iPod Touch currently use. Assuming a 9 inch screen - it'd be mostly marketed as a movie and gaming device I am betting. Perhaps the inclusion of an optic drive for watching DVDs etc?

    Developers of existing AppStore games have been designing their apps for a 480x320 160ppi resolution screen though - so either a) this device would have to have a lower resolution (which I doubt Apple is planning on doing), b) developers would /all/ have to redesign their apps, and presumably mark in the AppStore they're compatible with both classes of devices (iPod Touch/iPhone AND this new tablet device), or c) Apple would have to do some sort of weird magic.

    What do you think?

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