• iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak == redsn0w == ASAP?

    The iPhone Dev team's redsn0w.com site (with just a picture, see above) has been up a few days. Rumors had floated around about what it was, but no word from the dev team themselves, other than a few clever remarks about skiing accidents (thanks, pumpkin).

    A new post on the dev team blog popped up today, suggesting strongly that the image is referring to the iPod Touch 2G.

    Well it isnít a British Thermonuclear Device.
    It isnít an episode from ďThe Twilight ZoneĒ
    And it certainly isnít iPhone 3G related (right now)
    There is one other deviceÖ
    It fits in your pocket..
    What can it be?
    Further suggesting by MuscleNerd in his Twitter account says:

    that "3295..." in corner of redsn0w.com is: a) an escrow hash b) a very good week for devteam c) a bad week for apple d) all the above.
    In a final confirming statement, a commenter posted on the Dev Team story:

    That's great guys ! I hope it's Touch 2G related, because this one is waiting for jailbreak
    To which MuscleNerd replied only:

    It is.
    All you iPod Touch 2G folks are about to be happy.
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