• iPod Nano 5g Sporting Camera in July/September?

    In the same article as the multiple-data-speed iPhones iLounge published their artist renditions of the next generation iPod Nano -- the iPod Nano 5g. This new version is due to be released in July/September of this year and has the major addition of a camera?!?

    Other changes include a larger aspect ratio on the screen moving from 1.33:1 to a larger 1.5:1. The click wheel will shrink, have a smaller button, and be moved towards the bottom of the device a bit to support the larger screen.

    The artist concept looks pretty good but I have some small issues with it. First and foremost the camera seems to be in a very odd place. Seems to be there would be a lot of accidental covering of the lens when people are trying to shoot photos thanks to its location behind the click wheel. Scratch that. On further observation I think anywhere they put a camera on an iPod Nano would be an odd place. Where its at in the image would probably be the least odd of all the odd possibilities. A camera in the iPod Nano? I though the iPod Touch would be sporting one first . . .

    I will however admit that iLounge has a history of being pretty good with getting their artist renditions. They were spot-on with the 4th generation iPod Nano.
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