• The Great iPod Shortage of 2009?

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    Here's something you don't hear every day.

    Our friends at Apple Insider are reporting that the iPod line inventory is low as Apple's big September event approaches.

    Speaking with Apple Authorized Resellers, Ars Technica has found that the current stock of iPod models is no longer being
    shipped, and all of the current SKUs are being discontinued. The news is expected, as Apple refreshes its iPod lineup every

    "According to insiders speaking to Ars, stock of current iPod models is running dry and new ones aren't coming in anytime soon," the report states. "This all but confirms that an iPod refresh is on the way, but we already knew that."
    If your reaction to this news is anything like mine, you're wondering when the alleged "new iPod" lineup will hit stores given that the current inventory is apparently already drying up. Since I don't recall similar inventory depletion leading up to previous September Apple media events, I can't help but see this "leak" as an indication that new models and updates could be ready for purchase or pre-order immediately following the 09/09/09 event. That would be great... otherwise, we may see iPod rationing.

    Rumored for the September roll out are: an iPod Touch updated with camera and various storage size options; iPod Touch Nano with camera but available in color varieties; the end of the road for the Classic; and an iPod Touch Pad built to compete against the Kindle.

    Apple Insider hints at other possible announcements, too.

    Historically, when it comes to announcements from Apple, there's much we can predict and also much that we can't. And just as September is a big month for announcements from Apple, August is the month when Apple is most enigmatic and silent. Since Apple hasnít disappointed our low expectations for August, there's a good chance they won't disappoint our high expectations for September.
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