• Will Apple Finally Bring the Beatles to iTunes?

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    Coincidence or not, Apple's media event next Wednesday, September 9th will be taking place the same day that the Beatles’ Rock Band game and their remastered catalog are also released. Could it really be that both events are unrelated?

    I tend to think they will have more in common than Apple is currently letting on.

    Therese Poletti at MarketWatch thinks so too.

    Apple Corps. Ltd., the holding company formed by the Fab Four in 1968, has been at odds with record label EMI over selling the Beatles' music over Apple Inc.'s iTunes. But on Wednesday -- when "The Beatles: Rock Band" video game is released by Viacom's MTV Games -- Apple Corps. and EMI will join forces to release a major re-mastering of the entire Beatles music catalog on CD, the same day Apple Inc. is hosting its press event.
    With Beatlemania on the horizon once more, perhaps it isn't completely out of line to believe that Apple will use September 9th to announce that the Beatles’ catalog is finally coming to iTunes - a development that both Apple and Beatles fans have seemingly waited an eternity for.

    Those who believe that the events have nothing in common point to one piece of evidence supporting their point: Apple is using “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll” - a song by the Rolling Stones - to hype their September 9th media conference. If Apple was going to have a major Beatles announcement, why would they use a Rolling Stones song to define their event?

    Such "evidence" to some is tenuous at best. Any realist - not a conspiracy theorist - would tell you that the good people at Apple just love to have a few tricks up their sleeve. Using the Stones is an obvious decoy if yours truly has anything to say about it.

    Fans have been waiting a long time for the Beatles catalog to migrate to Apple Inc.'s iTunes. As a serious Beatles fan, I am going to add to the ongoing speculation that the Beatles music will finally come to iTunes. Deal with it.
    As we've seen repeatedly, it can take Apple a while to get on board with the hopes and wishes of its many loyal customers.

    Two years ago, fans were already hoping and predicting that the Beatles catalog was destined for an iTunes announcement at Apple's event in '07. We didn't get it then, but we may this time around.

    After all, if the September 9th press conference is designated with the tag line “It’s only rock & roll, but we like it,” how could any major reference to rock and roll be made without at least some involvement from the Beatles? This one could very well be a no-brainer.

    We'll find out next week.
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