• Predictions Run Amuck: Recapping the Apple Event

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    When Snow Leopard was introduced only days ago, the initial public reaction was somewhat subdued. Despite the excitement and hype, attention quickly turned to Apple's real focus behind the release - to update an operating system with fewer bells and whistles but greater speed, improved functionality, and more versatility for future development.

    That "under the hood" emphasis was once again displayed by Apple yesterday. Indeed, there were no ground-breaking announcements or big reveals. It was simply another instance of Apple building on a brand and product line that already work just fine and thoughtfully laying the groundwork for better things to come.

    According to Greg Sandoval at CNET:
    Apple's announcements lacked the jaw-dropping device or service that in the past has spurred big spikes in music sales. The company now appears to be focusing on making incremental gains by helping music buyers find and purchase music, videos, and iPhone applications. Dare I say it, but most of Apple's music-related announcements centered on humdrum retail chores.
    With the suspense finally behind us, we can now recap what the event means both for the present and the future. With hindsight, we can also reign in some of our predictions run amuck and, instead, give thought to the tone set by Apple yesterday for the months ahead.

    • Despite the hopes of many, the elusive Apple tablet remains to be seen. Sort of like Big Foot.
    • The iPod Nano - not the iPod Touch - got the long awaited video camera.
    • Predictions of iTunes 9 were proven correct on 09/09/09.
    • The iPhone got a software update in OS 3.1.
    • As predicted, pre-cut ringtones were introduced from the vast music library of four major labels.
    • Hopes for iTunes LP were finally realized.
    • Sorry, Beatles fans. No iTunes for you just yet.
    • Apple TV, an updated iMac, and a fond farewell to the iPod Classic also round out some of the predictions run amuck..

    There was little breathtaking about Apple's music-focused announcements Wednesday, but what was clear is that the company has focused a lot of resources on improving the music discovery and buying experiences.
    It was indeed close but no cigar for many of the hopes and expectations of Apple fans. Yet despite the somewhat muted excitement this morning, it's important to realize that the day after an Apple media event is sort of like the day after a little kid's birthday party. The packages have been unwrapped and the gifts have been exposed. The drama, excitement, and mystery are all gone. Its okay to be a little sad.

    But the new toys are still there for us to play with. And that should hold us over for another year.
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