• iFixit tears down iPod nano and 3rd gen iPod Touch

    image source: iFixit

    iFixit published their teardowns of the new 3rd generation 32 GB iPod Touch and the iPod nano today, and made some interesting observations: chief among them was the fact that the Touch's wireless chip supports 802.11n, the wireless standard that promises raw theoretical max throughput up to 450 Mbits/sec. That fact, as well as the discovery that there's more than enough room in the Touch's chassis for the camera on the iPod nano, has the rumor mills churning about future upgrades to the platform.

    3rd generation iPod Touch:
    • newer ARM processor
    • 30-hour rated 1080 mAh battery
    • Samsung 32 GB NAND flash on two chips
    • Broadcom wireless chipset supports 802.11n in addition to a/b/g
    • 6mm x 6mm x 3mm empty space: room for 5th gen iPod Nano camera?

    iPod nano:
    • Toshiba flash
    • no room for a larger camera
    • 17.5% larger display than previous iPod nano
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