• More Details on Wi-Fi Chip Uncovered Inside iPod Touch

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    A mysterious discovery has been unearthed inside the new iPod Touch.

    According to the San Franciso Chronicle, a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip was discovered during the dissection of the new 32GB iPod Touch by the makers of iFixit, a Web site founded six years ago to help people "tinker with their electronics."

    The full list of discoveries was chronicled earlier in our forums.

    The new Apple iPod Touch uses a Wi-Fi chip that can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard, though Apple apparently has not switched on the cranked-up wireless link. If it does, the iPod Touch (which is almost identical to the iPhone but lacks the 3G cellular radio) could support a 50Mbps data rate, more than twice that of the current 802.11ag radios used by the product family.
    Exciting, isn't it?

    Almost makes me want to disassemble every Apple device I own to see what other cool things may be hidden inside. But for now, I'll hold off.

    If you're wondering, the unearthed chip is the Broadcom BCM4329 - the first Broadcom 11n product designed for mobile devices. It's cutting edge stuff, and, apparently, its been in our midst for quite a while. If utilized, it could introduce a broad range of possibilities for the iPod Touch.

    The single chip combines 802.11n with 802.11abg, Bluetooth, and FM radio. It runs in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The chip reflects the range of implementations available to chip and equipment vendors. The 802.11n technology exploits multiple-input multiple-output splitting a high-rate data stream into, today, two slower streams, each sent from and to a corresponding pair of antennas. It creates a kind of parallel transceiving capability, which dramatically multiplies 11n's capacity.
    Although the discovery of the chip inside the iPod Touch was surprising, Apple's use of the chip isn't - they've been employing 11n in their desktop products since 2007.

    What might Apple be planning for their mobile devices?

    From CNET:

    We don't know yet if 802.11n will be supported in the iPod Touch software, but at least the hardware's there.
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