• leaked iPod Touch prototype had camera

    Images of an iPod Touch leaked to the blog of XM talk show hosts Covino and Rich and MacRumors last month showed a camera near the top of the device, in exactly the location of the 6x6x3mm cavity on the released Touch.

    A comparison of the leaked images of the device's internals with the iFixit teardown, meanwhile, shows that the leak was genuine. So it seems clear that Apple had intended to put a camera in the 3rd generation iPod Touch. The question is - given the hoopla surrounding the "It's Only Rock'N'Roll" event, and the release of a video camera on the 5th generation nano - why didn't they?

    Steve Jobs, in an interview with the New York Times, asserts that the decision was driven by economics. AppleInsider, among others, finds this explanation unconvincing, noting that problems had been reported in the sensor hardware Apple had purchased for the new product.

    So if the quality issues can be overcome, one shouldn't be surprised if Touches suddenly start shipping with cameras, and at the same price point. And within weeks, not months: as everyone from Jobs to MacWorld.com's Jason Snell continues to remind us, Christmas is when iPods fly off the shelves. If Apple wants another high-visibility news story to grab holiday dollars, a hardware upgrade that they're already tooled for could be it.
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