• White iPhone 4 Spotted in AT&T Inventory

    image: BoyGeniusReport

    Today brings yet another sign that the phantom white iPhone 4 may be finally introduced. This time, it's in AT&T's inventory system.

    According to BGR, both the white iPhone 4 16 GB and 32 GB appear in AT&T's Online Account Management system. After appearing in the inventory systems of both Vodafone Germany and then just last week in the inventory system of Best Buy, the evidence is mounting for a immanent release for the iPhone 4's white counterpart.

    There's no indication within the system as to when the device might be released, but with the these products being added to several inventories, it appears that we will eventually see the mystical white device. The release would come just a few short months before Apple is widely expected to announce the next generation iPhone, as they have each of the past few springs. Customers who purchase the White iPhone 4 would most likely be unable to purchase the next-gen phone, after being locked into their two-year contracts at the most inopportune time. However, for the few who have held out for the white iPhone, the time to buy might soon be just around the corner.

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