• Apple, Eminem's music publisher settle out of court

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    A lawsuit between Eminem's music publisher and Apple has been resolved... although there are no guarantees that Eminem won't continue the grudge in an upcoming song.

    For now, the issue has been settled after five days of trial in federal court. Apple and Eminem's publisher, Eight Mile Style, finally reached an agreement Thursday night that neither side wants to talk about, according to the Detroit Free Press.

    The dispute centered around royalties on 93 songs that Apple has been selling on its iTunes music store under an agreement with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records, which controls the rapper's recordings.

    Eight Mile attorney Richard Busch had said that Eminem’s contract with record company Aftermath Records did not give the company the right to make his songs available for download on Apple's popular iTunes service.
    As a result, Eight Mile Style claimed copyright infringement. seeking $2.58 million in damages — their estimate of how much Apple has made off of sales of the music.

    Howard Hertz, attorney for Eight Mile Style LLC, told the Free Press that the parties settled the case Thursday night with the “mutual satisfaction of both sides.”
    The dispute is one that we may see play out again and again in the coming months between Apple and other recording labels. At the heart of the matter was who had the right to authorize downloads of Eminem's music on iTunes. As more and more music publishers rely less on physical CDs and more on digital sales to perpetuate their financial and media success, similar sticky situations could pop up around the music industry in strong numbers,

    If you recall, this sort of problem can be traced back to 2007 when, once again, Eight Mile Style sued Apple claiming that Eminem's hit "Lose Yourself" was not authorized for an iTunes TV commercial that used the song. Like this matter, that dispute was similarly settled out of court.
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