• Say It Isn't So! iPod Touch with Nano Video Quality?

    9to5Mac has picked up on reports this morning that the elusive iPod Touch with a built-in video camera may ship as early as this spring. While some (like myself) are saying they'll only believe it when they see it, even if we do "see it," will we want to if the rumor is true? Here's what I mean:

    “The iPod touch 3G with camera will allegedly have the same camera as the updated iPod nano, which shoots video, but not still pictures. Although the video quality on the nano is good for a portable device, it can't compare with the video quality of the iPhone 3GS.”
    So let's recap. We wait all this time to finally enjoy the iPod Touch with a video camera and all we will end up with is a video camera that offers the same - shall we say - less than stellar video quality capabilities of the nano?

    If so, I'll take a pass.

    For this reason, I doubt the latest round of speculation is actually valid. Last September, when the world held its collective breath in anticipation of the new iPod Touch with the long-awaited video camera, few even considered that a new offering would be anything but superior to the nano. If anything, the disappointment of not getting the video cam functionality last September would only have been topped by the disappointment of learning that the iPod Touch will merely adopt the same video quality of the nano.

    The report proceeds to state that Apple had originally planned to introduce an iPod touch with a camera last September, but prototypes didn’t make it through quality control.
    To be sure, the iPod Touch will eventually get a video camera. That much seems an inevitability rather than a mere possibility. And although this speculation may be true at least in the sense that video recording functionality is on the drawing board, why would Apple revert from its "go big, or go home" mentality and virtually demote the next iPod Touch with old technology from the nano? It just doesn't make sense.
    We think this particular slice of speculation has legs, it seems to fit what we were hearing both before and after Apple’s September iPod event, and we can’t imagine Apple would want to introduce an upgraded touch this side or soon after Christmas. So Spring seems the next hot moment for such a launch.
    Image via 9to5Mac
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