• Jail Guards Accused of Smuggling iPods for Prisoners

    Two guards at a Washington, DC jail were arrested on federal bribery charges for suspicion of accepting cash to smuggle contraband to inmates: specifically iPods, cell phones and chargers. The devices are prohibited, in part, because they can be used to hack security equipment in the jail.

    According to a story in the Washington Post, an inmate went to the FBI in October 2008 to report that guards were taking bribes to smuggle personal electronics into the US capital city's jail. An FBI agent posed as the brother of an inmate, and met with Braxton and Ford. Over the last two years, the agent gave the guards several hundred dollars to smuggle a phone, an iPod and a charger to inmates at the jail.

    According to an email sent to the Washington Post’s Crime Scene blog, the Apple devices are considered a security hazard:

    Inmates may use the components of devices such as iPods to compromise security equipment within the correctional facility. In addition, such items are in high demand and may be stolen or used by inmates to gamble with others…this has the potential to trigger conflict, assaults and other violent behavior.

    The officers, Thomas Ford, 35, and Quincy Hayes, 32, have been placed on administrative leave by the prison system and were released after a brief hearing in the DC federal court. A third person, Renee Braxton, 44, a security guard at a museum, was also released.
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