• The iPod Sucks... Literally

    It certainly is an unorthodox place for an iPod dock. But thanks to our friends at Electrolux, doing housework just became a whole lot more interesting.

    Electrolux, a popular maker of household appliances, has unveiled the "Silence Amplified," a vacuum cleaner that sports a built-in iPod dock that will "revolutionize your cleaning routine." According to the UK's Telegraph:

    The Silence Amplified vacuum cleaner is based on the Electrolux UltraSilencer, an eco-friendly vacuum cleaner with a very quiet motor. It has an iPod dock and integrated speakers built in to the front of the vacuum cleaner, so that people can listen to music while they do their housework.
    Because a belt clip or arm band was just too inconvenient, right?

    Electrolux, which has only presented the product line in theory for now, has even created a website that enables interested parties to assemble the "perfect playlist for vacuuming the house." Hoping to generate buzz for the appliance, Electrolux says it could be convinced to actually go forward with mass-producing the product if a million pre-orders are placed.

    Good luck with that one. Of course, the people at Electrolux may be onto something with their belief in the power of music when cleaning the house. According to the company's "laboratory tests," those who listen to music while cleaning ultimately clean more efficiently and effectively. Doing so is also said to reduce stress levels and bestow a "general feeling of well-being."

    In reality, though, it's evident that the company is simply trying to promote its high-tech, proprietary vacuum technology and not just an "iPod vacuum." If anything, the iPod dock is merely a catalyst for attention to raise the profile of the Electrolux vacuum line, which runs in virtual silence by optimizing air flow and suction.

    Vacuum cleaners are not the only household appliances to feature integrated iPod docks. Gorenje unveiled a range of "Made for iPod" refrigerators at IFA, the consumer electronics trade show, earlier this year.
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    Image via UK Telegraph
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