• New Beanie Lets The iPod Go To Your Head

    Following up on the release of the iPod Nano headband, the people at iThreeSixty have unveiled "Music Infused Beanies" and "Hat Beanies" tailored to store and showcase your iPod Nano or shuffle on your head.

    Apparently, the iPod is now a fashion accessory.

    Coverage from Dvice.com, however, points out a number of problems native to the new offering from iThreeSixty:

    For starters, thieves will be able to tell instantly if your hat is worth swiping off your head. It's hard to look cool if everyone can see on the display that you're secretly grooving to the new Justin Bieber album. But most problematic of all, you'll need to pull off your hat to dial up any specific album or song.
    According to the specs on the new "hat device," an intricate wiring system and detachable speakers bring the new iPod headgear to life, which, on a positive note, at least eliminates the tangling of earphone wires and removes the need for bulky earmuffs to listen to your music in the cold and on the go.

    The product description puts it this way: “Custom thin speaker casing provides increased sound quality and bass response eliminating the dorky ear muff look.”

    The beanies sell for about $50, and are compatible with all iPod Nanos except the wider series 3.
    Fashion aside, the iPod beanie, which retails for about $50 and is available in white, pink, and gray, is helping promote and support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So if you're going to look ridiculous, at least you'll be doing so for a worthy cause.

    For more info, check out ithreesixty.com

    Image via Dvice
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