• JVC to Release "Uniquely Designed" iPod/iPhone Dock

    Ever notice how a piece of artwork hinging on the border of unattractive actually becomes sort of attractive just by virtue of flirting with ugly? If what applies to art similarly applies to the realm of iPod and iPhone accessories, the new XS-SR3 surround-sound speaker dock from JVC is a veritable masterpiece.

    From JVC:

    The new JVC XS-SR3 surround dock is a sleek, glossy black speaker tube with a curved design that allows the iPod to nestle between the speakers.
    Almost every outlet affording coverage to the new release from JVC takes a playful shot at its appearance. Such attention, however, is not altogether unwarranted. The dock, after all, closely resembles something you might find on the dashboard of the Batmobile. Appearance aside, this "uniquely-designed" dock is pretty cool and certainly achieves more than just inspiring talk around its presence.

    A new JVC iPod speaker system features a unique wraparound design, Dolby Virtual Surround, and a dock that like most docks holds an iPod vertically for music listening, but also can cradle it horizontally - ideal for widescreen viewing of video.
    Functioning as any decent iPod/iPhone dock should, the dock draws only five watts of power, serves up both analog and digital audio inputs, and works with a remote control. If you don't dig the dock for your handset, JVC is happy to report that you can also use the accessory as a computer speaker system.

    Once you get past the curved look, which may actually be a selling point for most as opposed to a distraction for others, the dock-makers are obviously less concerned with the appearance than they are the delivery of supreme surround-sound functionality. And at the end of the day, I guess that's all that matters.

    Expected to retail for about $150, the JVC XS-SR3 dock will be released later this month.

    Image via Dvice
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