• H20 Audio Unveils Waterproof iPod Case

    Just imagine how much more time the world's greatest explorers would have spent under water during the last few centuries if H20 Audio had only come out with their new waterproof iPod case a couple hundred years ago. I guess Apple would also have had to come out with the iPod a couple hundred years ago too, but that's beside the point.

    Indeed, there's no shortage of music lovers who enjoy the heavenly combination of swimming and music. Thanks to H20 Audio, the new Capture waterproof iPod case serves up a little heaven on earth and proves the ultimate companion for swimmers, snorkelers, and surfers.

    From Gizmodo:

    The iPod Nanoís camera isnít the greatest, but now I see its virtue: With this waterproof case, itís a perfect surfing companion. Why let someone else capture your painful aquatic bails when you can do it yourself?
    The Capture waterproof case was designed to accommodate the 5th generation Nano. As one would expect from a "waterproof case," the highly polycarbonate lens ensures underwater camera functionality and quality even while the entire device is shielded from the elements. H20 Audio says the the case (and your iPod inside) can be fully submersed in up to twelve feet of water.

    The case also includes a nifty little scroll wheel for ease of use and control while underwater, so you can still enjoy your swim and not direct all your focus to changing songs.

    Famous surfer Laird Hamilton is endorsing the Capture, but since he's also on H20 Audio's board of directors, any praise should be taken with a grain of salt, particularly since the case isn't even on the market yet. But a water proof case isn't rocket science. And although the initial buzz surrounding Capture's release seems mostly positive, some are complaining about the case's inability to survive lower depths than twelve feet.

    Theyíll be available next week for $80, which is fairly reasonable, but they donít include waterproof headphones Ė youíll have to buy those separately.
    Image via H20 Audio
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