• No More iPods on Airplanes Due To Terrorist Threats?

    Following the recent attempted terror attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on board a US airliner inbound for Detroit, Michigan, dramatic changes could once again lie ahead for travelers of the not-so friendly skies of late. This weekend, some have already begun reporting new in-flight carry-on restrictions and other unfamiliar rules that now seem sporadically implemented across many major US airports.

    From CBS News radio in Philadelphia:

    The Transportation Security Administration said on its website there would be increased security screening for domestic and international flights. But the website states the security measures are designed to be "unpredictable", so passengers likely won't see the same thing everywhere.
    The TSA, of course, lacks the authority of the FAA. But what "flies" for the TSA - no pun intended - could very well trickle up in short order.

    Among the devices no longer allowed to surface on some flights are iPods. Travelers navigating their way to and from the Philadelphia International Airport learned to their dismay that iPods are a big but hopefully temporary no-no. Strangely enough, however, no restrictions in Philly have been reported with regard to iPhones.

    Passengers also reported restrictions for the last hour of their flight, no one could get out of their seats, and no one could have anything on their laps -- no blanket, no pillow, no magazine, not even an iPod.
    As we all now here at ModMyi, iPhones and iPods can be modified into all sorts of things, perhaps even unsavory devices that could do so damage if placed in the wrong hands. But will banishing iPods from airplanes actually makes the skies safer or, ironically, less safe - particularly for passengers sitting next to grumpy, rage-filled people deprived of their iPods?

    Some passengers said some of the added security does make them feel safer, but others say some of the requirements seem to be nothing more than a nuisance.
    Although it is altogether unlikely that The Transportation Security Administration will endeavor to permanently restrict in-flight use of iPods, such a reaction is almost to be expected in the immediate hours and days following an attempted terror attack that, fortunately, didn't prove successful.

    Image via cogdogblog.com
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