• Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock Proves Bigger is Better

    The Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock is perfect for big lovers of music. And I mean "big." In fact, a Tyrannosaurus Rex would find this iPod dock adequate for its listening needs.

    The Edifier Lune 5 Encore iPod Dock has been characterized by many colorful words, but "gigantic" and "over-the-top" are among the most appropriate. Proving that iPod docks of this new decade will increasingly exhibit signs of being "conversation piece" if not outright decorative items, this new offering doesn't go big on design and then weak on sound. This bad boy packs the punch you would expect from a device of its size.

    From Ubberreview today:
    There are already gazillions of iPod docks on the market, which makes it pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. Except of course for monsters like the Edifier Luna 5 Encore. Its huge, it looks good and by all accounts it puts the 32-watt sub ,and the four 20-watt speakers that accompany it, to very good use.
    A lot of folks got their first look at this particular iPod dock at CES recently where a host of other peculiar and over-sized docks were similarly unveiled. Like others that aim to go big or go home, the Edifer Luna 5 Encore isn't cheap. You're looking at $250 for the cheapest online deal presently available.

    If you're losing count of the outlandish iPod docks that have come down the road in recent months, you're not alone. But while most other elaborate or ornate docks rely on style or novelties for attention, the Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock relies on sound... and only sound. According to the device's promotional material, the dock is "unique" and dominant over other larger-than-life iPod docks because it offers superior vibration and resonance control technologies in tandem with "low frequency porting and mid-range tuned cavities for smoother cleaner audio.

    All told, this new release amounts to big bucks for big sound... but those who've heard its romping bass say it could also be a big hit.

    Image via Ubberreview
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