• The iPod Goes To The Dogs... Literally

    There's lot of things we can do for our pets these days. We can pamper them endlessly, spoil them rotten, and even get them better health insurance than we have for ourselves. And thanks to a new product from Pet Acoustics, our pooches can now enjoy music from our iPods courtesy of My Pet Speaker.

    Why is this news? Because a lot of animal lovers (and there are a lot of them) will buy this. I've run the idea past a number of friends this weekend, and some are truly jazzed about it. So why is this speaker system better for our pets than, say, whatever sound system we presently have at home? Well, for starters (and this is according to the manufacturer's claims), given the sensitive ears that our furry little friends have, this animal-friendly speaker system is customized to help a variety of pets listen to the iPod with optimal quality.

    The 11-pound omni-directional speaker is promoted as being able to disburses music in 360 degrees so that animals can listen to music just as they would in nature.

    The speaker, which is available now for preorder - will run you about $250. From the looks of it, the control mechanisms haven't been designed for your pet to actually select which songs play and at a designated volume. You'll still have to take care of that. Fortunately, however, there are "backside buttons" that will help prevent your pets from actually getting into the operation panel.

    My Pet Speaker transforms your personal music library into pet-friendly tunes that soothe and relax dogs, cats, horses, and their people.
    You know, just the other day my horse was telling me that he's really bummed about the lack of quality speaker systems available for barnyard entertainment systems. I'll definitely have to tell him about this.
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