• iPod "Fasting" Begins Today?

    Could millions of iPods around the world catch a breather for, let's say, the next forty days or so?

    Believe or not, there is a movement underway that could actually inspire many around the world to include their iPods on the list of items to sacrifice during Lent, a religious season of sacrifice known as Advent that begins with the observance of Ash Wednesday - which is today.

    According to the UK's Telegraph:
    The bishops of Liverpool and London have called on us to give up our iPods for Lent
    The whole notion behind the suggestion, however, seems to have every bit as much to do with global climate change as it does the annual abstaining ritual. The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, and the Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, are specifically calling for a "carbon fast" for Lent. Nonetheless, the idea has gotten widespread media attention and could result in a lot of people adding iPods to their off-limits list for the next several weeks.

    There is, of course, a humanitarian theme behind the movement. Those who agree to give up their iPods for Lent are encouraged to calculate their "energy savings" and send the difference to a worthwhile cause or charity that serves the less fortunate.

    Anyone planning to actually forgo their iPod for Lent?

    Image via Apple
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