• "Old Dude" Wins $10,000 iTunes Gift Card

    Several media outlets have, perhaps, insensitively dubbed the individual who downloaded the ten billionth song from iTunes as an "old dude."

    Nonetheless, relative to the average age of most iPod owners and iTunes enthusiasts, the dude is, well, pretty old.

    Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia is a 71-year-old country music fan who just happens to have seven stents in his heart and an artificial hip. But he can still rock and roll with the best of him. If not, he will certainly learn to.

    Revealing his "mature" taste in music, Sulcer hit the magic number by downloading the 1958 Johnny Cash hit "Guess Things Happen That Way." And, just in case you're wondering, Rolling Stone reports that Sulcer was "unaware that Apple was even having a contest celebrating their 10 billionth purchase."

    Sulcer is now the proud owner of a $10,000 iTunes gift card. But what seemed even more impressive to Sulcer was the personal congratulatory phone call he received from Steve Jobs - a situation he only accepted as fact once he saw "Apple" on the caller-ID.

    From a PR standpoint, however, the unlikely outcome of this much-hyped promotion is probably a good thing for Apple. Proving one is never too old to enjoy the technology that "these kids today" use, the winner of the ten-billionth download promotion has certainly engendered a refreshing sight to see.
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