• iPod Creator Leaving Apple to Go Green

    Tony Fadell, one of the integral creators of the iPod, has resigned (some say unexpectedly) from his position at Apple, a move that ends a nine year relationship with Cupertino - a period that spanned a tremendous era of growth, much of which Fadell was personally responsible for.

    Widely referred to (within the walls of Apple, anyway) as the godfather of the iPod, Fadell spent seven years as the Senior VP of the iPod division at Apple and another two years consulting Apple as the company hit new highs, both in consumer popularity and Wall Street dominance. In his last two years, Fadell worked closely with Steve Jobs and essentially served as a personal adviser to the Apple boss.

    Interestingly, Fadell's days at Apple began when he joined the iPod engineering team nearly a decade ago. Fadell would even become head of the department when he replaced Jon Rubenstein. Does that name sound familiar? Rubenstein is now Palm's CEO. And while his name was not widely known or acclaimed, Fortune magazine cited Fadell as one of the chief architects of the modern portable music player.

    Although Apple hasn't publicly offered comment on Fadell's departure, some are curious as to why he would choose this exciting time at his company to bid farewell. Fadell, however, tells the New York Times that he is eager to go green.

    "My primary focus will be helping the environment by working with consumer green-tech companies. I'm determined to tell my kids and grandkids amazing stories beyond my iPod and iPhone ones."
    Not bad. The guy helps craft one of the most groundbreaking mobile devices in technological history and he still has bigger things to accomplish? Now that's ambition.

    Image via Apple
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