• iH8sn0w tweets Jailbroken iPod touch 2G running iPhone OS 4 Beta

    iH8sn0w, the accomplished hacker linked to n0wbreeze, F0recast and BlackBreeze, is getting attention for a Tweet put out last night that was accompanied by photos and video of the newest jailbreaking conquest. iH8sn0w has unveiled a jailbroken iPod touch 2G running the iPhone OS 4 Beta.

    As far as we know, iH8sn0w is presently toiling with a bundle for iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3GS to be used with PwnageTool to jailbreak these particular devices on the latest firmware. Unfortunately, it isn't yet clear when the pwnage bundles will be ready for their grand reveal, but iH8sn0w is believed to be working feverishly to make sure that the roll out happens sooner rather than later.

    You check out the clip here.

    The video, which is only 28 seconds long, obviously doesn't reveal very much - like multitasking. But this hacker/dev has the credibility to make his claims resonate. Of course, the proof is always in the pudding. And, until more info and resources are made available, the pics and video will ultimately fall on incredulous eyes and ears.

    iH8sn0w's photo and video revelation of a Jailbroken iPod touch 2G running OS 4.0 beta, however, comes only a couple days after we similarly observed video of multitasking on a jailbroken iPhone 3G that was also running the 0S 4.0 beta.

    Image via iH8sn0w/Twitter
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