• Do You Like to Download From iTunes? Then Don't Move to Illinois!

    The tax man is coming! The tax man is coming!

    Apparently, one of the last remaining frontiers not totally subjected to government taxation and oversight is now on the radar of lawmakers in Illinois. Because of the stateís $13 billion budget shortfall, iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners who download content from iTunes are essentially being targeted to help Illinois recover from economic hardship.

    Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has a plan that involves taxing Illinois citizens every time they download a song or movie either to their computers or, more likely, to their mobile Apple device. While several other states have tinkered with similar plans, Illinois could effectively implement sales tax on all digital downloads.

    For the time being, the Illinois state sales tax is 6.25%. What would that mean for your downloads? Here's how the simple numbers add up. If the tax plan comes to fruition, anyone - for example - who downloads an album from iTunes for $10 will have to cough up another 62 cents in tax. Of course, if you're an avid movie downloader, be ready to cough up even more, since many top-notch flicks run $15. Governor Quinn's logic? It's time for taxing policies to catch up with technology.

    Needless to say, not a whole lot of Illinois residents have spoken in favor of the proposal, which according to the Gov., would merely generate an extra $7 million per year for the state. That will only leave the state with a budget shortfall of $12,993,000,000. Sounds like a great idea (insert sarcasm here).

    Image via AP
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