• Cloud Capable iTunes This September? Not So Fast...

    According to "Apple sources" speaking in total anonymity and confidence, one of the most hotly anticipated iTunes upgrades may be on tap for late summer. As it stands, iTunes could finally get the cloud capability we've all been hoping for. The update, of course, wouldn't come as a shock to anyone as such a development has been widely anticipated for what seems like ages. But there are doubts about a September roll out. And not without good reason.

    A Boy Genius Report (which started the whole iTunes cloud talk again) indicates that the new cloud capabilities for iTunes will be partitioned into three groups: (1) Streaming music and movies from Apple’s servers to your computers, devices, etc. (2) Streaming music and movies from your home computers to your other computers, remote devices, etc. (3) Wireless iTunes syncing with devices.

    While that all sounds fine and good, our sources (and those also speaking with CNET) are holding off on pronouncing September as the definite launch time-frame for the iTunes revamp. Why? Because there are issues beyond Apple's control that could continue to delay the iTunes update. Apple, for example, still hasn't secured the licenses it will need from a variety of content providers, including the top four music labels in the US.

    Although Apple is believed to have been working on the aforementioned major iTunes tweaks since it scooped up Lala last winter, it is quite possible, in fact, that Google's rumored and much talked about iTunes competitor (streaming music, with songs for download) could be released before iTunes gets the cloud capability that seems like a no-brainer to all who continue to wait for its arrival.
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