• Apple Posts Then Pulls Job Opening for iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist

    Well, that was fast.

    Either Apple received enough job applications in the short time that the opening for an "iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist" was posted, or perhaps the folks in Cupertino just didn't like all the attention the posting had begun to receive. You see, ironically, Apple kicked off its search for a top-notch fraud-buster shortly before the holiday weekend iTunes shenanigans that gave Apple yet another PR black eye. As you may recall, there have been rampant reports of iTunes account hacking and other devious efforts to falsify app rankings and fraudulently charge users for content they had no intention of actually buying.

    In recent days, digital security analysts have begun weighing in on the prospect of a much more widespread if not concerted effort to hack iTunes and rip off scores of customers. Naturally, then, it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that this job posting would receive media attention in the wake of recent headlines about hack attacks on iTunes. Nonetheless, one of three outcomes has likely been realized: (1) Apple didn't like all the attention and pulled the opening (2) Apple received a ton of quality applications and already filled the spot, or (3) Apple dangled the job posting just long enough for the blogosphere to pick up on the story and effectively deter would-be evil-doers from targeting iTunes.

    In recent days, hundreds of iTunes account holders reported exorbitant unauthorized charges to their accounts. And while news of the activity has slowed, presumably because the hacks have temporarily been curbed, it's a safe bet that future attacks won't be prevented by the mere prospect of a lone "iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist." In other words, Apple has to actually do something and not just appear to be doing something in order for this issue to quickly fade away rather than represent the start of another major headache for the company and its 150 million iTunes customers.
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