• iPod Docks Arrive at Japanese Burger King

    It's a cool idea - and one that, before long, could become a widespread phenomenon at fast food establishments around the world. But don't hold your breath. While the concept of an iPod dock in your booth at a dine-in restaurant is intriguing and possibly a sound reason to actually patronize fast food a little more regularly, for now, Asia is the only place to find these particular eye-catching "musical showers."

    Here's how it works. A dome-shaped, half-cone hangs directly above your head at a table or booth at a fast food restaurant. Accompanied by an iPod dock at your table, patrons can get a beat to go with their burger as they jam out beneath the cone that, supposedly, enables one to listen to their music while eating and not disturbing anyone else - you know, people in adjacent booths under their own musical shower.

    Unfortunately, you shouldn't expect to see an iPod dock at your nearest fast food eatery anytime soon. For now, Burger King is tinkering with the novel set-up at only a few select locations around Tokyo. The fast food giant is taking a wait and see approach with the popularity of this dine-in feature for the time being. If it sticks, expect the concept to expand across Asia, possibly even at competing chains. And who knows? Maybe we will soon rock out with our Whoppers out all around the globe... you know, sort like we can do right now if we own earphones.

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