• Sprint Registers 3G iPod touch Case?

    FCC documents show that Sprint has registered a new 3G device that appears to be an iPod touch case, suggesting the possibility that the #3 US carrier may have an innovative strategy to bring Apple's smallest WiFi-only mobile device onto its network. PhoneScoop.com pointed out the FCC site showing Sprint's application for the ZTE Peel, which has an EV-DO Rev. 0 3G radio, a WiFi access point and a built-in battery with a micro-USB charger.

    Little information is available for the device, which is the right size for an iPod touch. Internal photographs do not show a dock connector, but there is a WiFi antenna, which indicates that the Peel is a 3G micro-hotspot that would allow the iPod touch - and presumably, other devices - to connect to Sprint's 3G network. EV-DO rev. 0 allows only 75% of the downloading and about 16% of the upload speed of Sprint's faster EV-DO Rev. A devices.

    The ZTE Peel is different from another Chinese-made device with a similar name that has provoked much discussion lately. The Yosion Apple Peel 520 is purportedly an iPod case with an Infineon baseband chip, an 800mAh battery that will give 4.5 hours of call time or 120 hours of standby, which when paired with a SIM card will turn a jailbroken touch into a full 3G cellphone. The Yosion device, will supposedly be available some time in the next week at a street price of 300-500 ($44-$74 US). Pictures and [ame="http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/3410dTBUsHQ/"]a demo video[/ame] are available on Yosion's totally unimpressive website.

    Sources: Cult of Mac, Engadget
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