• New iPod Touch Case Design Suggests Updated Device

    New images (photo illustrations) of an updated iPod touch case may reveal the long-awaited arrival of a camera for the next generation iPod touch. According to HardMac, new pictures of a case design for the device is serving up all the "proof" some need to believe that a forthcoming iPod touch refresh will finally deliver at least a 3-megapixel camera.

    It comes as no revelation that case manufacturers are privy to new iPhone/iPod touch designs long before the general public is so that updated cases are ready to roll out by the time the actual iDevice does. Steve Jobs, of course, has publicly denied that this happens. All evidence, however, suggests the contrary. And although cases tell us nothing about the internal components of an Apple device, several key attributes of a product can be gleaned from its shell.

    What can be assessed from the latest leak is that the next iPod touch may deliver a rear camera and flash analogous to what we have on the iPhone 4. The "source" providing the information to Harmac nicely coincides with the recent tidal wave of similar leaks from iPhone/iPod touch parts suppliers and also the Taiwanese publication Digitimes, which claims a 3-megapixel camera is inbound for the next generation iPod touch.

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