• Apple Dresses Up Yerba Buena Center Again

    If there was any doubt in your mind about Apple actually going through with an early September event to roll out new potential products and services, the writing is now on the wall - literally. As the latest images from outside the Yerb Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California reveal, Apple is ready to "rock" it's September 1st event.

    Two days ago, invitations for the event hit the mail. The theme of the invitation (music) certainly fits the look of the Yerb Buena Center - that is, a gigantic acoustic guitar is plastered on the side of the building with an Apple logo emblazoned over the front of the instrument. Despite the musical nature of the event, most analysts think Apple will throw in a curve-ball or two, like the long-awaited $99, iOS-based Apple TV.

    More than likely, however, Wednesday will mark the introduction of a new iPod touch with many of the iPhone 4 attributes - specifically, a forward-facing camera that will bestow upon the iPod the FaceTime video chat functionality. Also expected are the addition of both a rear camera and flash and the much talked about Retina Display of the 4th generation iPhone. Although there is no shortage of talk and speculation about "other products" that Apple could introduce, it's highly unlikely that Wednesday's lineup will stray too dramatically from that which is outlined above.

    Apple Insider
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