• iTunes 10, Ping Social Music Network Go Live

    *** Warning from Nick - "Jailbreakers should be cautious when considering to update to iTunes 10. There is no official word yet on any adverse affects it might have on your jailbroken devices. Awaiting word from the Dev Team is the best advice for now" ***

    Amidst a whirlwind of announcements, new products, and services, Steve Jobs also rolled out the latest iTunes - new logo and all.

    The latest iTunes - iTunes 10 - is expected to become available today and includes Ping, which is a "social music discovery tool" that takes the iTunes user experience to a new, and needless to say, more "social" level than ever before. In a nutshell, users can follow and keep close tabs on the friends and artists of their choice. The goal, of course, is to enable music lovers and artists to share and discover music together.

    "It's sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes," said Jobs about the social network integrated into iTunes. According to Apple, Ping will be open to better than 160 million customers right way. Allaying fears that more reserved users will be turned off my the new social network, Jobs admitted that iTunes users can "get as private and public as you want," adding that "privacy is super simple - anyone can do it."

    Of course, the new social aspect of iTunes isn't the only thing that's new about iTunes. Jobs acknowledged that since more people now get their music electronically than via a purchased CD, the time has finally come to dump the old CD in the iTunes logo in favor of a fresher-looking blue bubble surrounding a musical note.

    New look and social elements aside, the refurbished iTunes 10 is pretty nifty overall, particularly the new "hybrid view" which modifies - or reorganizes - how album art is showcased in music columns. For albums with five or more songs, iTunes can now showcase an album icon and "take up no extra space or require the window to be expanded."

    To check out iTunes 10 - but remember Nick's word of caution - visit Apple's new iTunes 10 page.
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