• Rigorous Apple Production Schedule Prompts Holiday Triple Pay Overseas

    Apple's forthcoming production schedule for both the 2nd-generation iPad and 5th-generation iPhone is said to be so robust that overseas manufacturers are going to be dropping some serious coin to reach the ambitious finish lines imposed by Apple and the company's scheduled 2011 product refreshes. On Tuesday, DigiTimes reported that workers producing and assembling components for iDevices will be paid a pretty penny in compensation for their efforts - a welcome piece of news given the less-than-adequate pay many laborers are known for earning on overseas assembly lines.

    If the estimates provided by DigiTimes are correct, workers at Pegatron will stay on the clock through China's Lunar New Year in return for triple holiday pay. Despite the added financial burden to Pegatron - one of Apple's largest overseas manufacturing partners - the workload is necessary to meet the stringent demands placed on Pegatron by Apple.
    Pegatron's plants in Shanghai, China are mainly producing iPhone products, while plants in Suzhou, China, are producing notebooks. However, since Apple has been expanding its orders, Pegatron plans to shift some of its orders to the Suzhou plants for support.
    On Monday, China's Commercial Times reported that Apple will begin to mass produce the fifth-generation iPhone in May, ahead of the widely anticipated annual June or July roll out of the next-gen Apple smartphone. Meanwhile, in March, production of the second generation tablet will ramp up at Foxconn, placing the iPad 2 on track for a late April launch. Consequently, Pegatron internally expects its 2011 revenues to grow 30% because of Apple's increased production needs, according to DigiTimes.

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